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A little background on me...

I believe we are born as expressions of Pure Love and Wholeness. Each of us, as souls having the human experience, have a unique destiny to fulfill on the planet at this time. We have lessons to learn and blessings to offer as our Authentic Self or Essence. Some refer to this Essence as the Soul. 

​As we grow and experience some of life's pain and disappointment, we develop an ego. The ego is clever and convincing, and is a necessary part of our earth experience. It builds defenses, develops masks, and creates illusions to protect our tender Essence. In this process, we can lose touch with our Essence and forget who we are. We often end up taking on the trauma and traits of this temporary world which can bring forward experiences of perceived separation (forgetting our wholeness), confusion, loneliness, shame, anxiety, despair, addictions and more.

Luckily, everything - every person, situation and circumstance - has the potential to bring us back into our wholeness through healing and re-membering work. I encourage people to find safe spaces - in groups, classes, or with a trusted therapist or coach - to do the transformative work to unpack these defenses, masks and illusions, and open up back up to their Essential Nature, which has been inside all along. 

Soul Coaching is a wonderful way to help you connect, commune and converse with three essential parts of yourself, or what I call, the Wholly Inner Trinity - Heart (Inner Child), Mind (Ego/Personality), and Soul (Higher Self). 

If you are growing through a challenging transition, feeling stuck in a relationship, seeking to improve your self-care practices, or longing for greater purpose and enthusiasm, meeting and coming to understand and commune with your Wholly Inner Trinity (WIT) can help. 

EDUCATION - I am a lifetimes-long student of love, growth, truth and transformation. My education includes a Bachelors degree in Business from Arizona State, a California Teaching Credential from Cal State Dominguez, a Masters degree in Spiritual Psychology, and 10 month certificate in Consciousness, Health & Healing from the University of Santa Monica. I am currently in my second year of a Masters in Spiritual Science from the Peace Theological Seminary. In addition to formal education, my greatest understanding of the human heart (and myself) came through the privilege of learning in a laboratory of Loving with 5 and 6 year olds as a Kindergarten teacher in Los Angeles, California and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. 

I am a champion for freedom, transparency, emotional intelligence, joy and kindness - all qualities of the Authentic Self. In our coaching, you will learn how to be your own best friend and advocate on your journey, which will in turn bless the world as you gain the courage and confidence to show up in and as your most precious Self. 

Whether you are just checking this information out, considering me as your potential coach, looking for a Home Organizer (another love of mine), or seeking a heartfelt group facilitator or event speaker, know that I hold you in the highest regard.

REMEMBER you are Amazing, just as YOU are!
And, if for some reason you forget,
You know where to find me.

In Loving,
Teri Jo 
"Teri Jo lives what she teaches. She is a true heart-centered and Spirit-guided master." ~Angela B., Executive Assistant 
"Teri Jo is a fierce advocate for the soul and  its ever-present wisdom and availability. Throughout my session she lovingly led me back to the source of my own truth where I was able to clear the way and relax into my Highest Good. This did not happen outside of me, it was an internal experience. I felt so much inner peace with Teri Jo's guidance. My body was humming, my clarity revealed and I now have some excellent tools to keep me in touch with my deepest truth." ~Melanie D., CTBF/MA, Breathing LifeCoach

"Teri Jo is full of positive energy, acceptance, compassion and great wisdom. She can understand your heart before you even remember where it is in your body. This woman makes you want to believe in magic again. She has a way of reaching out to everyone's inner child, no matter how bitter or beaten down it is. She can make anyone rise to realize their true selves. She rips your heart out, filters it, polishes it, and then sets it on the roller coaster of a life time and returns it to you rejuvenated and ready for the most awesome life you've only dreamed you could have." ~Eric S., College Student
"There is a saying that a true teacher is not one who gives you anything. A true teacher is one who makes you aware of what you already have and encourages you to use it. Teri Jo is a true spiritual teacher!" ~Tristen, Elementary School Teacher
Private Soul Coaching sessions are done anywhere in the world,  via Zoom