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2020, the Year of Ridiculous Amazingness!

by Teri Jo Wheeler on 01/01/20

OMGoddess! I am feeling the
Glow of 2020 and hope you are too!

I just returned from 8 glorious days with family.
It was Soul-nourishing and filled with Best Moments,
including a road trip to Arizona with my brother, Bliss.

In early December, I did a 5 Day Clutter Clearing Challenge
with a Facebook group of 80+ Souls ready to clear the year.
It was so inspiring I extended the Challenge to January 31st.
If you want to join in the cathartic clutter clearing fun,
you can jump in the group here.

Today, January 1st at 9am and 9pm PST,
I am doing two Facebook Lives on
Inspired Vision & Intentions for 2020.
Hop on my personal FB page here to join Live,
or find the videos there when you have time.

More exciting news!
I am offering a special edition 8 week online course
on the Inner Trio Connection called

It will be via Zoom Mondays January 20-March 9, 2020
Two groups: 9-10am or 7:30-8:30pm PST
(4 - 8 participants will be in each group)
More Details are below and here.

2020 is calling YOU!
Are you ready to Shine?

Best Moments of 2019

by Teri Jo Wheeler on 12/05/19

~ Aloha ~

I returned yesterday from a fabulous 6 day trip to Kauai, Hawaii. 

What a blessing it was spending time with my dear friend Bria

and witnessing luscious Mother Nature in all her Glory!

In honor of this trip, and with the end of the year (and decade) 

fast approaching, I want to share a nourishing practice 

I do called the 'BEST MOMENTS PRAYER.'

I search my heart for the BEST MOMENTS of a special trip or time, 

and jot these down to recall the high vibe of each moment 

whenever I need a reminder of how truly blessed I am. 

A best moment is when we remember and feel fully alive, 

experiencing a sense of reverence, gratitude, wow or wonder. 

The experience doesn't need to be grandiose or eventful.

 It can be simple. We are present, awake and aware. 

In recalling the specific moment, we bring forward the sensations 

we experienced, which can bring us into a higher state.

My 16 BEST MOMENTS of 2019

                                 ~Grandma Mimi's Memorial (Family friend's sharing)

                                 ~Garage Sale w/ Lynn (When all the stuff was gone)

                                 ~Yelapa: Being w/ Vero at Danny's Memorial

                                 ~Ashley's Moving to the East Coast party

                                 ~Michael Meade Story Telling in Santa Monica

                                 ~My Ministerial Ordination (Blessing blues & Trio message)

                                 ~Car Accident: Children's ER Nurse Caring & Cop Humor

                                 ~Inspiration to Create Curriculum for Inner Trio Connection

                                 ~Travelers Through Ages Class: Jesus Presentation 

                                 ~Puerto Vallarta: first arrival to Hotel Garlands del Rio

                                 ~Puerto Vallarta: ASPV Graduation (Isabella's speech)

                                 ~USM SCL2 Practicum Gift from Krista (finding out)

                                 ~Birthday Dinner at Pink Cabana w/ Bliss & Maria

                                 ~Dinner at The Fish Company w/ Mom and Goo

                                 ~Freedom To Choose Men's Prison Experience

                                 ~First Trip to Kauai (see separate List below)

Honorable Mention Highlights of 2019

                                ~Weekends at Lencsi's (w/ Tim, Tara & Krista too)

                                ~Trips to Palm Desert & Arizona to visit family

                                ~Slumber Parties w/ Mom, Goo, Jessica, Lisa 

                                ~Yummy Dinners & Visits w/ Elsa & Rick

                                ~Assisting USM SCL2 Class & Practicum

                                ~Assisting at MSIA’s June Conference 

                                ~Monthly Meetings w/ SOUL Pie Sisters!

                                ~MSS 1 Creating Through Grace Class Weekends 

                                ~Getting a used car & Learning to drive a stick

                                ~Financial Peace University & Paying off all my debt!

                                ~Gold shopping spree: Rolling Cart of Soul Goodies

                                ~Nahko & Medicine for the People at The Fonda Theater Soul-o

                                ~Niki Harris & Donna deLory at The Standard w/ Bliss

                                ~Working w/ Awesome Home Organizing Clients

                                ~Joining LAX Coastal Chamber & Business Women Connect

                                ~First Private Coaching Client Series on Inner Trio

                                ~First & Second Online Courses - Inner Trio Connection

                                ~First Clutter Clearing Challenge (December 9-13)

My Best Moments of Kauai Trip 2019 

                               ~Being greeted by warm weather, Bria & vegan food at the Lihu'e Airport  

                               ~Seeing the Abundance of Fruit Trees in Bria’s backyard   

                               ~Steak Sandwich at the Fresh Bites Food Truck in Hanalei 

                               ~Swimming at Anini Beach in the rain & wind

                               ~Walking/running the Labyrinth in the rain

                               ~Driving through the Tunnel of Trees to rad music

                               ~Spotting two Sea Turtles at Shipwreck Beach in Poipu

                               ~Roasted Macadamia Nut Brussel Sprouts at Kiawe Roots

                               ~Bria affirming she needed a new bed, and coming home to a bed on her porch

                               ~Waimea Canyon Rainbows & Mud Faces

                               ~Sharing "What's in your Cup of Joe?" with Bria

                               ~Going to the Hidden Temple in Anahola with Jo & Bria

                               ~Organizing Bria's room as a surprise (and seeing her expression)

~ Mahalo ~

How to Build Self-Esteem (November 2019)

by Teri Jo Wheeler on 12/04/19

~ Hi Lovely Human ~

I am stoked to be teaching my second online course on

the Inner Trio Connection (ITC). It's all about cultivating

greater connection and communication with your

Mind (personality), Heart (inner child), and Soul (higher Self).

Teaching Heart & Soul-centered topics in this way has been great 

and I look forward to doing more in the New Year! 

Until then, join my FaceBook (FB) Lives Sunday nights at 9pm

You can see my very first FB Live in this video,

and learn the #1 way to build Self-Esteem.

Look for my FREE 7 Day Self-Care Challenge coming in December.

Soul Coaching sessions are available via Zoom, including my

special private coaching series on the Inner Trio Connection.

AND, I also joyfully offer in Home Decluttering & Organizing!

Reach out and let me know... how I can help you grow.

Love & Light,

Teri Jo

Things I learned in Prison (October 2019)

by Teri Jo Wheeler on 12/04/19

Volunteering with The Freedom to Choose Project

is something I have wanted to do for many years.

I was finally able to participate this past weekend

And, It. Blew. Me. Away!

It's hard to describe what occurred in those two days, but being at Valley State Prison 

with 200+ men expanded my heart like no other experience.

Find out what I learned in my teary-eyed Live video here.

In other news, we're halfway through my first ever online class, 

and it's been an Amazing experience!

Zoom rocks, the participants are Awesome, and the material is Divine.

Much Love,

Teri Jo

Smashing Coconuts! (August 2019)

by Teri Jo Wheeler on 12/04/19

I had a Release Ceremony after my 53rd birthday.

I invited a girlfriend over (Thanks Maria) and did a Trio

with my Higher Self, Inner Child, and Conscious Self.

We explored blocks to money, including a part of me that

made a vow to poverty as an act of devotion many lifetimes ago.

Next, we wrote about things we wanted to let go of.

Some of mine included:

Judgements about the state of the world, and it's politics;

Beliefs about how hard it is to make a living doing heartfelt work;

Fears that I will never make it as a soul-centered entrepreneur, etc.

We wrote down some of our wishes and intentions too.

And, we burned them, offering it all up to Spirit

For the Highest Good of All Concerned.

And then, we smashed some coconuts.

We put all of our frustrations, fears and heartbreak

into coconuts and smashed them to bits on the sidewalk.

It felt really good! And, something surely shifted.

Work and Money have been flowing since. YAY!

You can learn about the Inner Trio practice in my new online class.

Infinite Love,

Teri Jo

The smashing coconuts idea comes from

Tosha Silver's great book, 'It's Not Your Money!'

This SOUL NEWS Blog began in September 2012 because I was gonna burst from all the glorious news pouring through if I didn't express it somewhere, somehow. It is intended to uplift and inspire you to connect more with your own sacred SOUL and REMEMBER the incredible gift you are. You are the LIGHT of the world. SHINE!