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Facebook Sucks! (July 2019)

by Teri Jo Wheeler on 07/17/19

In reality, all social media sucks… our time and energy. 
It can be a useful way to connect, inform, share and inspire.
And, we can easily become addicted when the conditions are ripe. 

Working my daily TRIO, I got insight into why this is for me.
I was complaining about not knowing how to effectively market my two businesses.
I have been struggling with this for a while and really felt stuck.

It turns out, when I don’t know how to do something,
I impulsively run to something I’m good at for comfort and security.
I happen to excel at writing about my feelings, opinions and
experiences - whether in an email, poem, story, or Facebook post.
I also rock at finding and sharing heartfelt videos, articles and memes.

The tricky part is that my personality cleverly justifies these activities
because they can be creative, helpful, useful and even work-related.
The truth is I have overdeveloped these skills and underdeveloped others.

In the TRIO, my Higher Self reminded me that I will never learn how
to market my work if I don’t carve out specific time for this learning.
So I agreed to a new rule: No Facebook until after 9pm. 

The next day, I spent hours figuring out how to place an Ad. YAY! 
The ad has not been effective, but the intentionality of where I placed
my attention made a difference, and I booked 3 new clients this week!

Also, right after deciding to change this habit, I watched the Dr. Joe Dispenza video
below which speaks to breaking habits. What a coincidence ;)

To learn the TRIO process of conversing with your child self (past), present self
and Higher Self (future), ask about the 6 session TRIO Coaching series. 

For all your Inner and Outer Organizational needs,
Together with Spirit, we've got you covered!

Joyfully Yours,
Teri Jo

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