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Find Your JOY! (June 2019)

by Teri Jo Wheeler on 07/12/19

What do you love doing that makes you feel ALIVE? 
You know?, that thing that makes you jump and jive? 
For me, it's organizing, creating and expressing. 
I also enjoy traveling, walking and blessing. 
When I'm involved in these I lose track of time;
I am fully engaged, enthusiastic, energized and aligned.

Take 10 minutes right now, I dare you, go inside and see;
List 10 Joyful Experiences you'd like to have or do or be.
Let's not call it a Bucket List because that's been over-done.
How about a Joyful Adventure List? That sounds much more fun!

Really, can you take a few minutes and honor your Joyful Heart?
You can even send me your list and tell me when you'll start!
(I would love that! :) 

This world can be a drag when all we do is work and think and pay.
For the inner child in each of us, it's good to dance and feel and play.
So let's lighten up a little this summer and get out in the sun!
Arrange yourself some playdates and have a bit of fun!

Along with playtime, you can joyfully get some serious stuff done. 
If you want organization and decluttering help, let me be the One. 

The Soul Coaching Series I'm offering is also a great LOVE of mine!
I am coaching the most Amazing clients. Our experiences are DIVINE! 

In this brand new 6 session Soul Coaching series, you will...
~Learn to Connect with your Conscious self, Higher Self & Inner Child.
~Practice daily conversations, cultivating intimacy in your CHI TRIO.
~Identify and dissolve limiting thoughts, feelings and behaviors.
~Develop Nourishing Self-Care Practices that you LOVE!
~Build the most amazing inner support system
so you will never feel lonely again.

Private SOUL Coaching Zoom sessions are on 'Miracle Mondays.'
There is space for 2 more clients. Is one of them YOU? 

For all your Inner and Outer Organizational needs, 
Together with Spirit, we've got you covered!

Joyfully Yours,
Teri Jo

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