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How to Build Self-Esteem (November 2019)

by Teri Jo Wheeler on 12/04/19

~ Hi Lovely Human ~

I am stoked to be teaching my second online course on

the Inner Trio Connection (ITC). It's all about cultivating

greater connection and communication with your

Mind (personality), Heart (inner child), and Soul (higher Self).

Teaching Heart & Soul-centered topics in this way has been great 

and I look forward to doing more in the New Year! 

Until then, join my FaceBook (FB) Lives Sunday nights at 9pm

You can see my very first FB Live in this video,

and learn the #1 way to build Self-Esteem.

Look for my FREE 7 Day Self-Care Challenge coming in December.

Soul Coaching sessions are available via Zoom, including my

special private coaching series on the Inner Trio Connection.

AND, I also joyfully offer in Home Decluttering & Organizing!

Reach out and let me know... how I can help you grow.

Love & Light,

Teri Jo

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