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It's Finally Here! (May 2019)

by Teri Jo Wheeler on 07/12/19

For years, I have been hearing 'Be Patient' and 'Stay True.'
For months, I've been clearing, preparing for something New. 
For weeks, I've been sensing an exceptional gift coming through.

But first, I had to learn some things. Then, I had to forget.
Next, I had to re-member. Then, I had to fuss and fret. 
Then I had to practice and practice, and practice some more. 
Finally, it is here now... ripe and ready like never before.

This thing that is so lovely, this gift so shiny and new...
Is a special Soul Coaching Series made especially for YOU!

In this 6 session Soul Coaching series, you will...
~Connect with your CHI - Conscious self, Higher Self & Inner Child.
~Practice daily conversations, cultivating intimacy in your CHI TRIO.
~Identify and dissolve limiting thoughts, feelings and behaviors.
~Develop Nourishing Self-Care Practices that you LOVE!
~Build the most amazing inner support system
so you will never feel alone again.

Private Coaching Calls will be held on 'Miracle Mondays.'
There is space for 6 clients. Is this YOU? 

As an introductory rate, pay only $550 for 6 Sessions. 
After June 30th, the 6 Session series will be $750. 

I also offer Home Organizing and Digital Decluttering 
in the USA, Canada and Mexico, Tuesdays-Saturdays.

For all your Inner and Outer Organizational needs, 
Together with Spirit, we've got you covered!

Bountiful Blessings,
Teri Jo

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This SOUL NEWS Blog began in September 2012 because I was gonna burst from all the glorious news pouring through if I didn't express it somewhere, somehow. It is intended to uplift and inspire you to connect more with your own sacred SOUL and REMEMBER the incredible gift you are. You are the LIGHT of the world. SHINE!