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Let Go and Other Useless Advice

by Teri Jo Wheeler on 08/08/15

I hold on tight. 

I know I need to let go.

I helicopter, smother, check and double check.

I know I need to let go.

I micromanage, huff and puff, send too many emails and over-explain.

I know I need to let go.

I try to predict, control, corral and influence as much as possible.

I know I need to let go.

But how the F@#k does one really do this… 

simply by the well-intentioned advice of one's self or another?

We don’t.

Just like we don’t break up with that jerk we know is bad for us.

Or get to that job on time and keep our agreements.

Or get to bed at a decent hour so we can wake up earlier. 

Or turn off the computer and put away our phone.

Or put down that drink or that cigarette.

Or refrain from yelling at our kids.

Or stop buying shit we don’t really need.

That is… until we do.

In my arrogance and ignorance, I used to think it was so easy…

Just stop. Just change. Just breathe. Just do it. Just be it. Just say no. 

Just let go. 

Ha! It’s not easy.

And, sometimes it’s downright impossible.

I have been working in the field of social/emotional/spiritual awareness and empowerment for over 25 years now. At first, all of my obsessive study was for my own growth and development. I wanted to understand how to be a better human so I would not hurt as much as I did; So I would not feel as out-of-place in this world; So I could fit in, feel better, and maybe even be more popular and successful.

In some ways it worked. 

In others, I feel even more tuned into pain and suffering, and more ‘different’ than ever before.

However, I can say with all sincerity that I do feel better about who I am. I also feel better about the world and what I came here to contribute.

I now understand that earth is a school - a place where soul’s come to master lessons in Love, Wisdom and Compassion. It takes as long as it takes and there is no better here than there. There is no better curriculum, classroom, teacher or student either. We are all growing in consciousness at the perfect level and speed for each of our unique journeys. We each have what we need for our soul’s growth experience – whether we understand or believe this, or not.

There is no race to finish. And there is no prize or greater/lesser standing at the end either.

All of the lessons are about love. 
Everything here is Love… or an opportunity to expand in Love. 
Loving ourself and loving others… as ourselves. 

Hmmm, I have heard this somewhere before. 

This is why, no matter how well-intentioned another is, no one can ever actually free us from our karmic lessons. We must each grow through what our soul has signed up for, in our own Divine timing and perfection.  

As much as I, the helpful and busy worker bee, want to effort in this Letting Go process, it is ironic (and perfect) that there is actually nothing my mind can figure out to do to make this happen any faster than is destined to happen.

The good news in all this is that I am very aware that I will Let Go. 

It may be in writing this specific peace.

It may be as I sit singing chants at the Snatam Kaur concert tonight on my 49th birthday.

It may be as I wake up tomorrow, overwhelmed by the massive list of To Do’s for the week.

It may be on August 27th, the first day of this upcoming Teen Experience Seminar (God help me that it doesn’t take that long!)

All I really know is that I will… Let Go

And I will laugh and laugh at the part of me that felt this compelling need to hang on as long and as tight as I did. But I will do this with the sweetest and kindest amount of compassion I can find. As I write these words, I can already feel this tender loving bubbling forth now… which for me makes the whole struggle worth while… giggle… sigh.

Because let’s face it - it’s pretty rough terrain around here in this earth school. And, if we look closely, we are all growing through something.

It’s best that loving kindness lead the way.


Teri Jo 

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