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Love Letter to Little Teri (February 2019)

by Teri Jo Wheeler on 02/18/19

To my Valentine, aka Precious Little Teri~
Thank you for being so adorable.
Thank you for your contagious enthusiasm. 
Thank you for your feistiness and tenacity. 
Thank you for your 'We Can Do It!' attitude.
Thank you for loving me through ups and downs.
Thank you for helping me keep my heart open. 
Thank you for your colorful expression. 
Thank you for your expansive views.
Thank you for your wild creativity.
Thank you for your generous Spirit.
Thank you for your beautiful tender heart.
Thank you for caring how others feel. 
Thank you for your many tears. 
Thank you for standing for justice. 
Thank you for speaking up for Youth!
Thank you for being so dang entertaining. 
Thank you for being so affectionate and cuddly.
Thank you for being so magnificently you!
Thank you for being so awesomely True!

I love you always Sweet T
Your Forever Bestie,
Big Teri Jo 

PS -Shout out to and from our Higher Self too!

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