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Smashing Coconuts! (August 2019)

by Teri Jo Wheeler on 12/04/19

I had a Release Ceremony after my 53rd birthday.

I invited a girlfriend over (Thanks Maria) and did a Trio

with my Higher Self, Inner Child, and Conscious Self.

We explored blocks to money, including a part of me that

made a vow to poverty as an act of devotion many lifetimes ago.

Next, we wrote about things we wanted to let go of.

Some of mine included:

Judgements about the state of the world, and it's politics;

Beliefs about how hard it is to make a living doing heartfelt work;

Fears that I will never make it as a soul-centered entrepreneur, etc.

We wrote down some of our wishes and intentions too.

And, we burned them, offering it all up to Spirit

For the Highest Good of All Concerned.

And then, we smashed some coconuts.

We put all of our frustrations, fears and heartbreak

into coconuts and smashed them to bits on the sidewalk.

It felt really good! And, something surely shifted.

Work and Money have been flowing since. YAY!

You can learn about the Inner Trio practice in my new online class.

Infinite Love,

Teri Jo

The smashing coconuts idea comes from

Tosha Silver's great book, 'It's Not Your Money!'

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