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Potential Presentation Topics:
*Each event is uniquely and divinely created.
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- Heart-Centered Listening and Speaking
- Intimacy, Connection and Presence
- Cooperative, Collaborative Community
- Finding & Following Your Higher Self
- Creative Writing & Vision Collaging 
- Facing & Embracing the Shadow
- Releasing Addictions & Attachments 
- Secrets, Shame and Self-Forgiveness
- Lightening Up: Joy, Play and Laughter 
- Authentic Expression: Bold & Beautiful Living
- The Magic & Mayhem of the Inner Child
- Passionate Purpose & Inspired Leadership
- Self-Care: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Soul
- Teacher/Counselor/Administrator Workshops
- Girl/Women Empowerment Programs
- Tween, Teen and Millennial Seminars
- Heart-centered Parenting and Families
- Empathy & Emotional Intelligence
- Mother-Daughter Days and Retreats
- Milestone Birthdays, Showers, Weddings
- Sacred Self-Marriage Ceremonies
I am passionate about the power of group energy to heal, inspire and uplift. Not only are we all rich with varied experiences, perceptions and gifts, in groups a higher level of connection and support is available.

I use a variety of activities to create both safety and structure while engaging the heart, mind, body and soul of each individual within the group. 

I believe wholeheartedly in taking inspired action, joyfully walking the talk, and being the change we wish to see in our world. 

And, the more the merrier!

Together, we are creating a ripple effect and a true Tipping Point for Love around the globe. 
What an exciting and expansive time to be 
alive in our evolution!

If you are hosting an event, conference, group or experience and looking for someone to lead a dynamic, interactive, meaningful presentation contact me at
"I wanted my 40th birthday to be a special celebration of who I had been and more importantly a commitment ceremony to who I was becoming. Teri Jo facilitated a deeply meaningful event filled with heart-opening activities for me and 15 of my closest friends and family. It was a day I will always remember and cherish as will all who attended." ~Khatija D., Mother, Counselor

"The Lighten Up workshop was awesome! The presentation and activities were informative, funny and engaging. Teri Jo is a truly gifted facilitator who packs a powerful spiritual punch!" ~Katherin H., Attorney, Filmmaker

Teri Jo is an inspiring woman who I had the privilege to work with at an incredible women's workshop she put
on in Vancouver. I definitely recommend her work to anyone looking for extra love and light in their lives. ~Shannon M., College Student

The Mother-Teen Daughter retreat was truly an amazing experience for me and all involved. It was deeply touching, carefully prepared, wonderfully facilitated and brought all of us one of the best growth opportunities 
of our lives. ~Ileana T., Mother, Writer, Property Manager

I was fortunate to participate in a successful values program directed by Teri Jo called 'Team V.' At first, I thought the program was designed to teach core values like self-esteem, gratitude, kindness and respect only to the kids. I soon realized this was a program for all involved to learn and grow from. Before we led activities with the children, she had us do meaningful, related activities. This helped give us a clearer understanding of the concepts and assisted us in being better parents and human beings. Thanks to the work she has done with 
this special program we can make a much needed difference in the world. Our kids hearts are serving others because of her programs and modeling. There is an expression that says: 'It takes a village to raise a child.' 
Teri Jo infuses this philosophy in all the work she does, creating a safe, fun and interesting educational community for all. ~Tere W., Wife & Mother

"The 'Girl Power' program has been an amazing experience for me. Teri Jo helped us as young women connect with ourselves and each other in deep and caring ways. Together, we found a space to feel, be heard, to know 
we are not alone, to be real, to help each other and to know ourselves. We found tools to survive even some 
of the most challenging situations. Everything we did in Girl Power was magical and unbelievably supportive.
I wish every girl was lucky enough to have a Teri Jo in her life." ~Astrid R., College Student

"I have always admired Teri Jo's ability to communicate and reach children and teenagers. I got to know her well during her first Teen Seminar held over a long weekend at one of the hotels in town. At that event she was able to guide teenagers towards a better understanding of themselves and others to a depth I didn't think was possible in such a short period of time. Teri Jo believes in getting the best out of every person around her and is always available to help a child. Since then she has led more of these seminars, and has organized a Joy Heart Club
for girls ranging in ages from 9 to 12 years old, as well as Girl Power for teen girls. There are many kids at our school who have benefited from her guidance and programs." ~Lisa L., Director of School Admissions
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