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About Teri Jo

"Teri Jo's extensive education and experience in counseling are magnified a thousand
fold by her deep intuition and loving heart. She creates an environment of safety and
trust that completely allows me to be myself, to admit my blocks and limiting beliefs in 
my personal life and career, and with her gentle but firm guidance, to begin to heal these. After each session I feel empowered and can't wait for the next one!" 
~Elana G., Screenwriter, Director

"If you feel this year is driving some real change in you but you are not exactly sure 
where to start or how to move forward, Teri Jo can help. Her work comes from the heart and connects directly to yours. She can help you grow and connect to your higher truth. 
I guarantee any experience with her will be an experience you will not regret!"
~Monica N., College Student

"Teri Jo's Soul Coaching goes straight to the heart of the matter! The clarity and positive insight she shared helped tremendously with some areas I was feeling very stuck and confused in. I deeply appreciate the soulful wisdom, kindness and patience her coaching provides." ~Kelli B., Photographer

"Working with Teri Jo helps you connect with your soul, clear your mind and open your heart to who you truly are. Her coaching helps you discover your own solutions inside to be a better version of the amazing YOU that already exists and truly wants come out into the world and shine." ~Astrid R., College Student

"She came as such a blessing to me and I pray as many people as possible have the good fortune of experiencing the gift that she is. I found the phone session extremely effective. Teri Jo is highly intuitive and compassionate and the loving space she creates 
is absolutely awesome!" ~Usman M., Healer & EFT Practitioner

"Teri Jo is amazing!!! She is so loving and her approach to coaching is intuitive and fun. 
I highly recommend her. You will too." ~Johnny O., Actor, Transformation Coach

"Teri Jo gave me great insight into some issues that were very skewed for me. She allowed for me to take a deep breath and really step back and view the REAL issues rather than the ones I made up in my head and to make me realize that my intuition will always allow me to stay true to myself and to follow that." ~Saige C., College Student

"She is the best listener and she truly cares about each one of us. She was the
biggest support for me in some of the hardest times of my life. She opens a safe space 
for you and helps you through whatever you are going through. She gives you tools to help you when you are with her and also when you're on your own. She helps you see that you are never alone. She creates space for you to cry, laugh, mourn, scream, giggle, and smile. She helps you figure out what to do in situations and find courage to take next steps in life. She helps you go inside and truly awaken. She helps you remember how amazing and wonderful you really are!" ~Bria Z., High School Senior

"Teri Jo is compassionate, caring, intuitive and wise. She is inspiring and truly helped 
me clarify my next steps and she connected me more deeply with my own knowing.
I recommend her with an open heart." ~Karen M., Professional Organizer

"Give yourself the gift of coaching sessions with Teri Jo if you want to move forward in 
any area of your life." ~Sharon S., Wife & Mother
"Teri Jo has an amazing ability to make everything meaningful and magical. She  has a wonderful listening ear, open heart  and offers wise council in situations like romance, family problems, rising from depression, self-esteem and life purpose. She is especially good at working with people who feel different and encourages them to celebrate that. She uses creative ways to inspire people to be true to their self and follow their own heart! She is an intuitive, passionate and very wise coach that will make a very positive difference in your life." ~Gabrielle B., Wife & Mother 
"Teri Jo is wise, loving and honest. She wants you to bring your best forward and will whole-heartedly support you along the way!" ~Amy K., Entrepreneur 
"Her wise and loving presence created a space for connecting deeply to Spirit and receiving many powerful wisdoms and keys. She is the real deal! Clear intuition, connection to Spirit, love and compassion are the most important qualities for a coach/counselor and Teri Jo demonstrates those to perfection!" ~Jan E., Massage Therapist & Health Coach